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Panels for Building Openings

We produce and install aluminium, steel, PVC and wood windows and doors and aluminium glass facades


We offer complex services in the whole range of treatment with metallurgical material and metal workshop

Wood Processing

In the wood processing production we offer the capacity both for the serial production and for the custom production

Construction Industry

We offer complex range of services and provide construction work in designing and construction of civil and industrial objects


The ALUMONT Group has been settled on the Czech market since 1993. At first with the specialization in production of interior components, later the production has been extended to Alu construstions: windows, doors and exterior facades. In 1999 the production of PVC windows has been launched, the production of wood windows started in 2001. At present, ALUMONT BUILDING a.s. company produces the whole range of Alu, PVC and wood products: windows, exterior doors, exterior glass facades, interior partition walls, automatic doors, etc. From 2003 the ALUMONT company concentrates its production into the own grounds in Rychvald, Czech Rep., Bohumínská Street No. 1553. In cooperation with the BOHUMÍNSKÁ STROJNÍ KOVOVÝROBA s.r.o. subsidiary company we are able to realize almost any project from the metalworking industry. Througd the ALUMONT BUILDING SERVICES s.r.o. company we expanded our activities into a project of an apartment block construction, which is now being prepared.


Tradition Since 1993

Over 150 Satisfied Employess of ALUMONT GROUP

Dozens of Countries, to which the ALUMONT Group Exports